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Business and Economics Faculty level units

5 units found

Unit CodeUnit NameStudy PeriodAvailablityAvailable FromAvailable To
ACSTINFOInformation for Actuarial StudentsFull Year, 2017AvailableJan 09, 2017Dec 31, 2017
FBEFirst STEP Mentoring ProgramFull Year, 2017AvailableDec 18, 2016Dec 01, 2017
FOBE710Research Frontiers in Business and EconomicsSecond Half Year, 2017AvailableJul 28, 2017Nov 08, 2017
FOBE740Quantitative Research Approaches in Business and Economics 2Second Half Year, 2017AvailableJul 31, 2017Dec 08, 2017
FinanceINFOInformation for Applied Finance StudentsFull Year, 2017AvailableFeb 27, 2017Dec 01, 2017