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Department of Media, Music, Communication and Cultural Studies 2018

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Unit Offering Convenor
CUL 120 Living Culture S1 Day Ian Collinson CUL 221 Australian Film and Television S1 Day Anthony Lambert CUL 230 Performance and Popular Media S1 Day Yuji Sone CUL 321 Racialised Punishment and the Construction of Nation S1 Day Jillian Kramer CUL 322 Screening (Ab)normal Bodies S1 Day Nicole Matthews DANC101 Movement and Dance in the 21st Century S1 Day Julie-Anne Long DANC320 Dance Practice 2 S1 Day Julie-Anne Long ICOM204 International Communication Campaigns S1 Day Usha Harris ICOM301 Global Knowledge Society S1 Day Qin Guo ICOM811 Issues in Contemporary Global Media S1 Day Intan Paramaditha ICOM814 Communication for Social Change S1 Day Qin Guo ICOM815 Global Power and Justice S1 Day Sabine Krajewski ICOM818 Asia-Pacific in a Globalised World S1 Day Maya Ranganathan ICOM821 Intercultural Communication S1 Day Sabine Krajewski ICOM823 Corporate Writing S1 Day Howard Gelman ICOM892 Public Diplomacy and International Public Relations S1 Day Howard Gelman ICOM897 Interactive Communication S1 Day Alex Mesker MAS 104 Australian Media S1 Day Rachael Gunn MAS 110 Introduction to Digital Media S1 Day Tai Neilson MAS 202 Screenwriting: An Introduction S1 Day Karen Pearlman MAS 203 News and Current Affairs S1 Day Tai Neilson MAS 205 Introduction to the Cinema S1 Day Dennis Bruining MAS 206 Radio Production S1 Day Virginia Madsen MAS 212 Screen Production 1 S1 Day Iqbal Barkat MAS 214 Free Cultures S2 Day Stephen Collins MAS 240 Cybercultures S1 Day Rowan Tulloch MAS 241 Interactive Web Design S2 Day Stephen Collins MAS 312 Advanced Screen Production 1 S1 Day Karen Pearlman MAS 337 Advanced Radio Production and Broadcasting S1 Day Helen Wolfenden MAS 340 Advanced Interactivity S1 Day Stephen Collins MAS 350 Media Internship S1 Day Rachael Gunn MAS 389 Public Relations and Social Media 1 S1 Day Tanya Muscat MECO100 Visual Media and Communication S1 Day Anthony Lambert MECO210 Narrative Journalism S1 Day Willa McDonald MECO310 Telling True Stories 1 S1 Day Kate Rossmanith MECO340 Natures-Cultures S1 Day Ian Collinson MECO345 Social Media S1 Day Theresa Senft MECO700 Disciplinary Contexts S1 Day John Potts MECO702 Studies in Authorship S1 Day John Potts MECO705 From Alphabet to Internet S1 Day Ilona Hongisto MECO801 Social Media, Law and Ethics S1 Day Catharine Lumby MECO804 Media Writing and Research S1 Day Margie Borschke MECO805 Environmental Communication S1 Day Usha Harris MECO837 Digital Media Strategies S1 Day Margie Borschke MECO839 Music Production S1 Day Mary Mainsbridge MECO843 Writing the Real S1 Day Kate Rossmanith MECO845 Creative Production Portfolio S1 Day Margie Borschke MECO847 The Creative Industries S1 Day Sarah Keith MECO850 Performance Practices S1 Day Julie-Anne Long MECO851 Screen Investigations S1 Day Cleo Mees
Displaying results 1 - 50 of 70 in total