PSYO8945 – Dissertation

2021 – Session 2, Special circumstances

Session 2 Learning and Teaching Update

The decision has been made to conduct study online for the remainder of Session 2 for all units WITHOUT mandatory on-campus learning activities. Exams for Session 2 will also be online where possible to do so.

This is due to the extension of the lockdown orders and to provide certainty around arrangements for the remainder of Session 2. We hope to return to campus beyond Session 2 as soon as it is safe and appropriate to do so.

Some classes/teaching activities cannot be moved online and must be taught on campus. You should already know if you are in one of these classes/teaching activities and your unit convenor will provide you with more information via iLearn. If you want to confirm, see the list of units with mandatory on-campus classes/teaching activities.

Visit the MQ COVID-19 information page for more detail.

General Information

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Unit convenor and teaching staff Unit convenor and teaching staff Professor
Mark Wiggins
4 First Walk, Room 529
By Appointment
Credit points Credit points
Prerequisites Prerequisites
Admission to MOrgPsych
Corequisites Corequisites
Co-badged status Co-badged status
Unit description Unit description
This unit is designed to enable students to conduct and report the outcomes of empirical research, under supervision, within the field of organisational psychology.

Important Academic Dates

Information about important academic dates including deadlines for withdrawing from units are available at

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, you will be able to:

  • ULO1: Manage a research project.
  • ULO2: Present a poster reporting research findings
  • ULO3: Report research findings for academic readership.

General Assessment Information

Late Submissions: Late submissions, without an approved extension, will receive a 5% per day penalty including weekends and public holidays. If you submit the assessment task 10 days or more beyond the due date, you will be awarded a maximum of 50% of the overall assessment marks. No further submissions will be accepted after the marked assignments are returned and feedback is released to students. All extensions need to be formally requested via in line with the special consideration policy. A Word Count Penalty 5% of the possible mark will be deducted per 100 words over the word limit for written assessment tasks. An additional 99 words beyond the limit can be written. 

Supplementary Assessment Tasks: Supplementary assessment tasks will only be provided following an approved Special Consideration application, and only when appropriate. Supplementary assessment tasks, including supplementary exams, can be in a different format to the original assessment task. 

Assessment Tasks

Name Weighting Hurdle Due
Empirical paper 100% No 31/10/21
Participant report 0% No 31/10/21

Empirical paper

Assessment Type 1: Thesis
Indicative Time on Task 2: 95 hours
Due: 31/10/21
Weighting: 100%

Students submit a manuscript in journal format describing their empirical research project in 8000 words

On successful completion you will be able to:
  • Manage a research project.
  • Report research findings for academic readership.

Participant report

Assessment Type 1: Report
Indicative Time on Task 2: 5 hours
Due: 31/10/21
Weighting: 0%

Students provide a one page written report of results for organisational participants.

On successful completion you will be able to:
  • Present a poster reporting research findings

1 If you need help with your assignment, please contact:

  • the academic teaching staff in your unit for guidance in understanding or completing this type of assessment
  • the Learning Skills Unit for academic skills support.

2 Indicative time-on-task is an estimate of the time required for completion of the assessment task and is subject to individual variation

Delivery and Resources


There are no prescribed texts for this unit. However, students will be referred to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (current edition). See also APA style CENTRAL, a tool designed to facilitate a mastery of APA Style. It provides tools and instructional means for creating properly formatted citations and papers while also supporting learning throughout all stages of the research and scholarly writing processes from idea generation to publication. Quick guides, tutorials, self-quizzes, sample papers, sample references, sample tables, and sample figures are available. You can also search and browse a database of journals in the platform to identify potential publication outlets for your finished work.”

The resource can be found at:



Due Date


Writing Module & Project Update

Friday September 3rd

(Online if Required)

  • Project Updates

  • Thesis Submission Requirements

Policies and Procedures

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Student Code of Conduct

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Student Support

Macquarie University provides a range of support services for students. For details, visit

Learning Skills

Learning Skills ( provides academic writing resources and study strategies to help you improve your marks and take control of your study.

The Library provides online and face to face support to help you find and use relevant information resources. 

Student Enquiry Service

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