EDTE4030 – Professional Experience in the Primary School 2

2023 – Session 1, In person-placement, North Ryde

General Information

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Unit convenor and teaching staff Unit convenor and teaching staff Convenor PEx
Laurinda Lomas
Contact via email
Room 272, 29 Wally's Walk
By appointment
Credit points Credit points
Prerequisites Prerequisites
Admission to BEd(Prim) and EDTE3010 or EDTE301 or EDTE3540 or EDTE354
Corequisites Corequisites
EDTE4550 or EDTE455
Co-badged status Co-badged status
Unit description Unit description

Students are required to work in a school for at least 20 days under the guidance of a supervising teacher implementing strategies and techniques being studied concurrently in the 400-level professional units in which they are enrolled.

Important Academic Dates

Information about important academic dates including deadlines for withdrawing from units are available at

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this unit, you will be able to:

  • ULO1: Develop a sound knowledge of the K-6 curriculum across six Key Learning Areas.
  • ULO2: Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of students and how they learn.
  • ULO3: Demonstrate a deep understanding of the processes of learning, teaching and assessing.
  • ULO4: Develop a comprehensive grasp of the professional role of the teacher.

General Assessment Information

Withdrawing from this unit 

If you are considering withdrawing from this unit, please seek academic advice via before doing so as this unit may be a co-requisite or prerequisite for units in the following sessions and may impact on your course progression. 



Results shown in iLearn, or released directly by your Unit Convenor, are not confirmed as they are subject to final approval by the University. Once approved, final results will be sent to your student email address and will be made available in eStudent. For more information visit

Assessment Tasks

Name Weighting Hurdle Due
Professional Experience report 100% No 23:55 09/06/23

Professional Experience report

Assessment Type 1: Practice-based task
Indicative Time on Task 2: 50 hours
Due: 23:55 09/06/23
Weighting: 100%

1. Reports and feedback from the pre-service teacher’s Supervising Teacher, and 2. Formal observation(s) from a University Supervisor, 3. The return of all following reports and papers to the Professional Experience Office at Macquarie University, including your Supervising Teacher’s Report, student self evaluations and register of visits. You will not receive a final grade until these papers are submitted to the Professional Experience office.

On successful completion you will be able to:
  • Develop a sound knowledge of the K-6 curriculum across six Key Learning Areas.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of students and how they learn.
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the processes of learning, teaching and assessing.
  • Develop a comprehensive grasp of the professional role of the teacher.

1 If you need help with your assignment, please contact:

  • the academic teaching staff in your unit for guidance in understanding or completing this type of assessment
  • the Writing Centre for academic skills support.

2 Indicative time-on-task is an estimate of the time required for completion of the assessment task and is subject to individual variation

Delivery and Resources

Required and recommended texts The following text is strongly recommended for this unit as a support resource for the PEx:

Cavanagh, M. & Prescott, A. (2022). Your professional experience handbook: A guide for preservice teachers (2nd ed.). Pearson.


Information about the unit iLearn site 

This unit has a full web presence through iLearn

Students will need regular access to a computer and the Internet to complete this unit.

Weekly access to iLearn is compulsory for all students. Important assessment information will be posted here, as will other relevant unit notices and materials.

Electronic links and suggested references will be included in the Resources section. Please check the iLearn unit regularly.


Access and technical assistance

Information for students about access to the online component of this unit is available at You will need to enter your student username and password.

Please do NOT contact the Unit Convenor regarding iLearn technical help.

Assistance is available from IT Helpdesk

Ph: 9850 4357 or 1800 67 4357


On Campus: Ground floor at 18 Wally’s Walk

Unit Schedule

This unit involves students completing a 30-day professional experience placement. The block professional experience in this unit is: 24/04/2023 - 12/05/2023 (14 days, as Anzac Day is not included). You need to complete an additional 16 days, which may be before and/or after the block placement. Note that days can only be completed before April 24 if your placement is allocated before the Term 1 school holidays, otherwise all days will need to be during Term 2. The timing of the additional days needs to be negotiated with your school and supervising teacher.


Policies and Procedures

Macquarie University policies and procedures are accessible from Policy Central ( Students should be aware of the following policies in particular with regard to Learning and Teaching:

Students seeking more policy resources can visit Student Policies ( It is your one-stop-shop for the key policies you need to know about throughout your undergraduate student journey.

To find other policies relating to Teaching and Learning, visit Policy Central ( and use the search tool.

Student Code of Conduct

Macquarie University students have a responsibility to be familiar with the Student Code of Conduct:


Results published on platform other than eStudent, (eg. iLearn, Coursera etc.) or released directly by your Unit Convenor, are not confirmed as they are subject to final approval by the University. Once approved, final results will be sent to your student email address and will be made available in eStudent. For more information visit or if you are a Global MBA student contact

Academic Integrity

At Macquarie, we believe academic integrity – honesty, respect, trust, responsibility, fairness and courage – is at the core of learning, teaching and research. We recognise that meeting the expectations required to complete your assessments can be challenging. So, we offer you a range of resources and services to help you reach your potential, including free online writing and maths support, academic skills development and wellbeing consultations.

Student Support

Macquarie University provides a range of support services for students. For details, visit

The Writing Centre

The Writing Centre provides resources to develop your English language proficiency, academic writing, and communication skills.

The Library provides online and face to face support to help you find and use relevant information resources. 

Student Services and Support

Macquarie University offers a range of Student Support Services including:

Student Enquiries

Got a question? Ask us via AskMQ, or contact Service Connect.

IT Help

For help with University computer systems and technology, visit

When using the University's IT, you must adhere to the Acceptable Use of IT Resources Policy. The policy applies to all who connect to the MQ network including students.

Passing a Professional Experience Unit 

To pass a Professional Experience unit, students must achieve a satisfactory result for their professional experience placement AND achieve a satisfactory result overall for their academic assessment tasks (where applicable) in the unit. 


Professional Experience Unit Placement Expectations 

  • Students must be able to present evidence of completion of several tasks prior to session census date (or as otherwise advised) in order to receive a placement for Professional Experience. Please check your email from the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Office. Requirements are outlined here as well:   

  • Students who are completing a unit offered by another department are expected to inform and negotiate with that unit convenor about their professional experience block dates and to discuss how that unit's requirements can be met. For some situations, it may mean that you are enrolled externally for that unit so that your attendance for tutorials for that unit is not impacted.  

  • Feedback from Tertiary Supervisors and/or Supervising Teachers is of a general nature. It is incumbent on the student to check the requirements of any assessments or bookwork prior to submission. 

  • If a Student is identified being in need of additional support for Professional Practice and/or Bookwork, the School of Education’s ‘Additional Support’ procedure will be activated and they will not be able to withdraw themselves from this Unit. 

  • Students may not be able to commence their placement until all alleged academic honesty breaches have been investigated and concluded.  

  • The timing of placements can vary. For placements early in the Session, Fail grades may be approved by the University prior to the end of Session for students who do not meet the placement expectations of the Unit. 


Fitness to Practice requirements 

  • Macquarie University operates under a ‘Fitness to Practice’ model as specified in the University's Academic Progression Policy.  For this unit, this means that, when undertaking a placement, a student is declaring that they are able to demonstrate professional competence, acceptable professional behaviour, freedom from impairment, and compliance with program specific requirements needed for a student to practice properly and safely throughout their Practical, Clinical or Professional program or unit. It is the responsibility of the student to determine whether they are fit to undertake a placement. Therefore, if a student is feeling unfit to undertake a placement, they should not do so. For more information 


Twice-Fail Rule for Professional Experience Units 

General Coursework Rule 10(7) stipulates that if a student fails a required unit twice in an undergraduate professional program listed on Schedule 2, they may be permanently excluded from further enrolment in that program.  


Students completing a double degree will be able to continue with their other degree program provided they meet the academic progression requirements of the Academic Progression Policy. 


Students completing a single Education degree (such as the BTeach/MTeach) are advised to seek academic advice.

5Rs Framework

At Macquarie University we aim to produce graduates who not only have relevant discipline knowledge and teaching know-how, but who also understand and strive for those capabilities that will make teaching a sustaining career for years to come.The 5Rs Framework, developed by the Macquarie School of Education, is embedded throughout your teacher education course.Your use of the 5Rs Framework will help you develop the capabilities that will make your teaching career sustainable and fulfilling. Embedded in all our teaching courses is the Macquarie’s 5R’s framework which helps develop our graduates to be:


1. Resilient

2. Reflexive in their teaching practice

3. Responsive to children, colleagues, parents, professionals and communities

4. Ready to learn, and

5. Research-engaged


In this unit you will learn using the 5Rs framework in the following ways:



You will need to balance a long PEx with other unit assessments as well as life demands.


You are required to reflect on practice and act on your insights during PEx, including evidence of this in your PEx documentation.


You will need to respond to needs of students in various situations as well as the whole class in general during PEx.


Constant reflection in and on practice means that you must be ready to learn from what you experience and apply that new insight.


You will need to use current research to inform decisions and practice relating to student behaviour and learning.

Unit information based on version 2023.02 of the Handbook