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Medicine and Health Sciences Faculty level units 2018

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Unit Offering Convenor
AMED890 Medical Research Project SM1 Day Mary Simons AMED890 Medical Research Project SM5 Day Mary Simons HSYP801 Foundations of Public Health S1 Block Alexandra Bhatti HSYP802 Introduction to Epidemiology and Biostatistics S1 Day Janaki Amin HSYP802 Introduction to Epidemiology and Biostatistics S1 Evening Janaki Amin HSYP803 Biological, Environmental, Social and Behavioural Determinants of Health S1 Block Liz Schroeder HSYP804 Health Law, Economics and Policy S1 Block Liz Schroeder HSYP817 Public Health Informatics S1 Day Amalie Dyda MEDI103 Professional Practice 1 S1 Day Sarah White MEDI205 Human Health and Disease Processes S1 Day Esther Lim MEDI207 Professional Development 1 MED 0 Dane King MEDI208 Laboratory Experience and Training 1 MED 0 Julie Atkin MEDI209 Genetics and Genomics in Medicine MED 0 Mark Baker MEDI303 Neuroscience 2 S1 Day Cara Hildreth MEDI305 Professional Practice 3 S1 Day Sarah White MEDI711 Research Frontiers in Medical Science 1 S1 Day Dane Turner MEDI741 Research Rotation 1 S1 Day Mark Butlin MEDI742 Research Rotation 2 S1 Day Mark Butlin MEDI861 Research Thesis SM1 Day Mary Simons MEDI910 Applied Medical Science 1 S1 Day Christine Chiu MEDI911 Clinical Practice 1 S1 Day Katrina Roberts MEDI912 Evidence-Based Inter-Professional Health Care 1 S1 Day Julia Hush PHTY902 Advanced Clinical Physiotherapy Elective Placement S1 Placement Tim Foulcher PHTY903 Advanced Clinical Physiotherapy Selective Placement S1 Placement Tim Foulcher PHTY904 Research Project and Seminar S1 Day Karen Peebles