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Department of Health Professions 2017

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Unit Offering Convenor
PHTY301 Human Movement S2 Day Tim Doyle PHTY302 Biomechanics of Human Movement S1 Day Tim Doyle PHTY800 Foundation Sciences for Physiotherapy A S2 Day Mark Hancock PHTY801 Foundation Sciences for Physiotherapy B S2 Day Kate Scrivener PHTY802 Foundations of Physiotherapy Practice S2 Day Joel Fuller PHTY803 Interprofessional Healthcare S2 Day Angela Stark PHTY804 Evidence-based Healthcare S1 Day Julia Hush PHTY805 Physiotherapy Practice A S1 Day Mark Hancock PHTY806 Physiotherapy Practice B S1 Day Kathryn Mills PHTY807 Physiotherapy Practice C S1 Day Kate Scrivener PHTY808 Clinical Physiotherapy Placement I S2 Placement Angela Stark PHTY809 Clinical Physiotherapy Placement II S2 Placement Angela Stark PHTY810 Clinical Physiotherapy Placement III S2 Placement Angela Stark PHTY811 Reflective Practice and Professional Development S2 External Tim Foulcher PHTY812 Health and Wellbeing Across Lifespan A S1 Day Verity Pacey PHTY813 Physiotherapy in Workplace and Recreation S1 Day Kathryn Mills PHTY814 Health and Wellbeing Across Lifespan B S1 Day Taryn Jones PHTY815 Physiotherapy, Healthcare and Society S1 Day Tim Noblet PHTY816 Business Management and Law for Health Professionals S2 Day Catherine Dean PHTY817 Advanced Physiotherapy Practice S2 Day Taryn Jones PHTY818 Leadership, Policy and Advocacy S2 Day Taryn Jones PHTY819 Advanced Research Training S2 Day Karen Peebles PHTY900 Advanced Clinical Physiotherapy Placement S1 Placement Jacque North PHTY901 Dissertation and Seminar S1 Day Karen Peebles