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Unit Offering Convenor
DMTH137 Discrete Mathematics I S2 Day Frank Valckenborgh DMTH237 Discrete Mathematics II S1 Day Ross Moore MATH106 A View of Mathematics S2 Day Christopher Gordon MATH106 A View of Mathematics S2 External Christopher Gordon MATH109 Sex, Chaos and other Mathematical Pleasures S1 Day Michael Batanin MATH111 Quantitative Methods for Science S1 Day Christopher Gordon MATH123 Mathematics 123 S1 Day Christopher Gordon MATH123 Mathematics 123 S2 Day Christopher Gordon MATH130 Mathematics IE S1 Day Jillian Stott MATH130 Mathematics IE S2 Day Christopher Gordon MATH132 Mathematics IA (Advanced) S1 Day Christopher Lustri MATH133 Mathematics IB (Advanced) S2 Day Paul Smith MATH135 Mathematics IA S1 Day The Bui MATH135 Mathematics IA S2 Day Sophie Calabretto MATH136 Mathematics IB S1 Day Frank Valckenborgh MATH136 Mathematics IB S2 Day Frank Valckenborgh MATH232 Mathematical Techniques S2 Day Vladimir Gaitsgory MATH235 Mathematics IIA S1 Day Elena Vynogradova MATH235 Mathematics IIA S2 Day Stuart Hawkins MATH236 Mathematics IIB S2 Day Catherine Penington MATH288 Advanced Topics in Mathematics II S1 Day Adam Sikora MATH300 Geometry and Topology S1 Day Michael Batanin MATH331 Waves S1 Day Stuart Hawkins MATH332 Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos S2 Day Paul Smith MATH335 Mathematical Methods S1 Day Elena Vynogradova MATH336 Partial Differential Equations S2 Day Christopher Lustri MATH337 Algebra IIIA S1 Day Gerry Myerson MATH338 Algebra IIIB S2 Day Michael Batanin MATH339 Real and Functional Analysis S2 Day Xuan Duong MATH388 Mathematics III Advanced S1 Day Adam Sikora MATH399 Participation and Community Engagement in Mathematics S2 Day Catherine Penington MATH604 Mathematical Modelling S1 Online Audrey Markowskei MATH604 Mathematical Modelling S2 Online Audrey Markowskei MATH700 Research Frontiers in Mathematics S1 Day Adam Sikora MATH701 Analysis S1 Day Xuan Duong MATH702 Algebra S1 Day Steve Lack MATH703 Topology S2 Day Adam Sikora MATH704 Research Topics in Mathematics 1 S2 Day Paul Bryan MATH705 Research Topics in Mathematics 2 S2 Day Christopher Green MATH707 Advanced Methods in Mathematics 1 S2 Day Justin Tzou