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Dept of Physics and Astronomy 2018

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Unit Offering
ASTR170 Introductory Astronomy: Our Place in the Universe S1 Day
ASTR178 Other Worlds: Planets and Planetary Systems S2 Day
ASTR178 Other Worlds: Planets and Planetary Systems S2 External
ASTR278 Advanced Astronomy S2 Day
ASTR310 Frontiers of Astronomy and Astrophysics S2 Day
ASTR377 Astrophysics S1 Day
ASTR378 General Relativity S2 Day
ASTR707 Advanced Astrophysics S2 Day
ASTR708 Introduction to Particle Physics and Cosmology S2 Day
PHTN702 Advanced Photonics S2 Day
PHYS106 Electric and Magnetic Interactions S2 Day
PHYS107 Modern Mechanics S1 Day
PHYS130 Foundations of Physics S2 Day
PHYS140 Physics IA S1 Day
PHYS140 Physics IA S2 Day
PHYS143 Physics IB S2 Day
PHYS149 Physics for Life Sciences S1 Day
PHYS188 Advanced Physics I FY1 Day
PHYS201 Classical and Quantum Oscillations and Waves S1 Day
PHYS202 Electromagnetism and Thermodynamics S2 Day
PHYS221 Introduction to Optical Science and Technology S1 Day
PHYS242 Big Ideas in Science S2 Day
PHYS246 Advanced Physics II FY1 Day
PHYS301 Classical Electrodynamics S1 Day
PHYS303 Quantum Mechanics and Atomic Physics S1 Day
PHYS304 Advanced Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Optics S2 Day
PHYS306 Optical Physics S2 Day
PHYS308 Condensed Matter and Nanoscale Physics S1 Day
PHYS311 Professional Physics S2 Day
PHYS388 Advanced Physics III FY1 Day
PHYS700 Research Frontiers in Physics and Astronomy 1 S1 Day
PHYS701 Mathematical Methods in Physics S1 Day
PHYS702 Statistical Physics S1 Day
PHYS704 Nanobiophotonics S2 Day
PHYS714 Quantum Information and Technology S2 Day