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Department of Psychology 2017

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Unit Offering Convenor
PSYN832 Dissertation FY1 Day Greg Savage PSYN832 Dissertation S1 Day Greg Savage PSYN832 Dissertation S2 Day Greg Savage PSYN840 Neuropsychological Disorders S1 Day Jennifer Batchelor PSYN841 Neuropsychopharmacology S1 Day Jennifer Cornish PSYN842 Psychological Assessment II S2 Day Greg Savage PSYN843 Behavioural Management and Psychopathology S1 Day Heather Francis PSYN847 Neuropsychological Rehabilitation and Intervention S2 Day Melanie Porter PSYN853 Psychological Assessment I S1 Day Jennifer Batchelor PSYN855 Neuroanatomy for Neuropsychologists S1 Day Joanna Fardell PSYN857 Professional Practice 1 S1 Day Jennifer Batchelor PSYN858 Professional Practice 2 S2 Day Greg Savage PSYN859 Professional Practice 3 S1 Day Jennifer Batchelor PSYN860 Professional Practice 4 S2 Day Greg Savage PSYO904 Counselling and Mental Health in Organisations S1 Day Monique Crane PSYO915 Organisational Change and Development S2 Day Mel Taylor PSYO919 Training in Organisations S2 Evening Mel Taylor PSYO921 Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management S1 Evening Monique Crane PSYO922 Human Factors and New Technology S1 Evening Mark Wiggins PSYO939 Team Factors in the Workplace S2 Evening Mel Taylor PSYO940 Psychological Assessment and Evaluation S2 Evening Barbara Griffin PSYO941 Professional Practice S1 Evening Mark Wiggins PSYO944 Research Proposal S1 Day Mark Wiggins PSYO945 Dissertation S2 Day Barbara Griffin PSYP901 Counselling and Professional Practice S1 Day Andrew Baillie PSYP902 Psychological Assessment and Reports S1 Day Andrew Baillie PSYP903 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Related Techniques S1 Day Andrew Baillie PSYP904 Working with Special Populations S2 Day Andrew Baillie PSYP905 Additional Therapeutic Modalities S1 Day Andrew Baillie PSYP906 Working with Children and Families S2 Day Andrew Baillie PSYP908 Working with Groups S2 Day Andrew Baillie PSYP909 Supervised Practical Placement S1 Day Andrew Baillie PSYP909 Supervised Practical Placement S2 Day Andrew Baillie PSYP910 Research Theory and Practice for Professional Psychologists S2 Day Andrew Baillie PSYX130 Organisational Behaviour S1 OUA Allan Bull PSYX130 Organisational Behaviour S2 OUA Allan Bull
Displaying results 51 - 86 of 86 in total