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Dept of Chiropractic 2018

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Unit Offering
CHIR113 Chiropractic Sciences 1 S1 Day
CHIR114 Chiropractic Sciences 2 S2 Day
CHIR213 Chiropractic Sciences 3 S1 Day
CHIR214 Chiropractic Sciences 4 S2 Day
CHIR315 Chiropractic Science 5 S1 Day
CHIR316 Chiropractic Science 6 S2 Day
CHIR602 Chiropractic A S1 Day
CHIR603 Chiropractic B S2 Day
CHIR604 Medical Sciences A S1 Day
CHIR605 Medical Sciences B S2 Day
CHIR606 Radiographic Science S1 Day
CHIR607 Diagnostic Sciences S2 Day
CHIR873 Neuromusculoskeletal Diagnosis 1 S1 Day
CHIR874 Neuromusculoskeletal Diagnosis 2 S2 Day
CHIR891 Clinical Chiropractic 1 S1 Day
CHIR892 Clinical Chiropractic 2 S2 Day
CHIR896 Clinic Internship 1 S2 Day
CHIR897 Clinic Internship 2 S2 Day
CHIR903 Clinical Chiropractic 3 S1 Day
CHIR904 Clinical Chiropractic 4 S2 Day
CHIR916 Diagnostic Imaging 1 S1 Day
CHIR917 Diagnostic Imaging 2 S2 Day
CHIR918 Physical and Functional Assessment S1 Day
CHIR919 Clinical Management S2 Day
CHIR921 Topics in Chiropractic 1 S1 Day
CHIR922 Topics in Chiropractic 2 S2 Day
CHIR931 Diagnosis and Management 1 S1 Day
CHIR932 Diagnosis and Management 2 S2 Day
HLTH108 Introduction to Anatomy S1 Day
HLTH108 Introduction to Anatomy S2 External
HLTH109 Anatomy of Limbs and Back S1 Day
HLTH109 Anatomy of Limbs and Back S2 Day
HLTH201 Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics for Health Sciences S2 Day
HLTH213 Anatomy of Head, Neck and Trunk S1 Day
HLTH214 Neuroanatomy S2 Day
HLTH215 Principles in Health and Disease 1 S2 Day
HLTH304 Radiographic Physics, Practice and Protection S1 Day
HLTH306 Research Methods for Health Sciences S1 Day
HLTH316 Principles in Health and Disease 2 S1 Day
HLTH317 Principles in Health and Disease 3 S2 Day
HLTH333 Clinical Diagnosis S2 Day