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Dept of Anthropology 2017

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ANTH106 Drugs Across Cultures S1 Day Lisa Wynn ANTH106 Drugs Across Cultures S1 External Lisa Wynn ANTH107 Saints, Shamans, Cults and Demons: The Anthropology of Contemporary Religions S1 Day Gabriele Marranci ANTH203 Food Across Cultures S1 Day Eve Vincent ANTH205 Islam S1 Day Gabriele Marranci ANTH221 Development Studies: The Anthropology of International Aid S1 Day Chris Lyttleton ANTH224 Mad, Bad, Sad: Cross Cultural Perspectives S1 Day Kevin Groark ANTH302 The Anthropology of Politics and Power S1 Day Chris Houston ANTH307 Culture Myth and Symbolism S1 Day Deborah Van Heekeren ANTH323 Culture and Human Rights S1 Day Chris Vasantkumar ANTH324 Doing Ethnography S1 Day Sumant Badami ANTH701 Core Issues in Anthropological Theory I S1 Day Chris Houston ANTH715 International Aid and Development Studies S1 Evening Chris Lyttleton ANTH716 Culture, Illness and Healing S1 Evening Kevin Groark ANTH718 Culture and Human Rights S1 Evening Chris Vasantkumar ANTH800 Applied Anthropology: Why Does Culture Matter? S1 Evening Eve Vincent ANTH801 Research Methods in Anthropology S1 Evening Sumant Badami ANTH815 Development Theory and Practice S1 Evening Chris Lyttleton ANTH816 Culture, Health and Disease S1 Evening Kevin Groark ANTH818 Anthropology of Human Rights and Intervention S1 Evening Chris Vasantkumar ANTX106 Drugs Across Cultures SP1 OUA Timothy Lynch ANTX151 Human Evolution and Diversity SP1 OUA Timothy Lynch ANTX202 Illness and Healing SP1 OUA Timothy Lynch ANTX207 Psychological Anthropology SP1 OUA Timothy Lynch FOAR701 Research Paradigms S1 Day Greg Downey FOAR701 Research Paradigms S1 External Greg Downey